William L. Bainbridge, Ph.D., FACFE, is a forensic education expert with extensive experience in school related accidents, school safety, incidents & sexual abuse/sexual assault/sexual harassment and educational evaluation for child custody. He has been court qualified as a schooling and education standards/policy expert in over 30 states.
He currently serves as President and CEO of the SchoolMatch® Institute and as a Distinguished Research Professor at The University of Dayton. He is the former superintendent of three school districts in Ohio and Virginia and served on the executive staff of the Ohio Department of Education and as a Professor for the National Academy for School Executives. He has been a consultant to over 1000 organizations including law firms, corporations, government agencies and school systems. 

Dr. Bainbridge has more than 20 years experience researching and describing standards of care in school settings and designing/analyzing/reporting research studies involving school effectiveness. 

While leading SchoolMatch®, the nation's only comprehensive research and information service on public and private schools, beginning in 1986, lawyers began consulting with him on cases ranging from child custody school evaluation to establishing standards of care in a wide range of incidents and accidents occurring on the watch of school systems. Publication of Dr. Bainbridge's work in THE AMERICAN BAR ASSOCIATION JOURNAL, THE WALL STREET JOURNAL, USA TODAY , many daily newspapers and appearances on NBC'S TODAY SHOW and ABC's Good Morning America, to name a few, motivated lawyers to contact Dr. Bainbridge. Working with lawyers provides Dr. Bainbridge and his colleagues with a new area to apply knowledge of public and private school and school system standards, policy, research, evaluation, practices and effectiveness.